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Catoctin Creek Distilling Watershed Gin
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Catoctin Creek Distilling Watershed Gin


Category Gin
Region United States, Vermont
Brand Catoctin Creek Distilling
Alcohol/vol 46%
Distilled from organic rye grain, with a secret recipe of organic herbs and spices, Catoctin Creek Organic Watershed Gin is unlike any gin you've tried. Amazingly complex, with a rye base that shines through subtle citrus and cinnamon notes, essences of fresh cut hay, and of course a crisp juniper character. Together, they make Watershed Gin a fine cocktail mixer. Try it with the traditional tonic and a slice of lime (or a Meyer Lemon, for a real treat!). Or mix it into your favorite summertime refreshers. Catoctin Creek Organic Watershed Gin--organic so you know it's good... as if your taste buds needed convincing!