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Landy VSOP
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Landy VSOP

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Category Cognac
Region France, Cognac
Brand Landy
Landy VSOP is silky with a long finish. It has warm essences of vanilla and ripe fruits and rounded out with subtle touches of wood. Try it neat or on the rocks, in a Sidecar or in a Mint Julep.
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  • we89

Topaz color and scent of honey and dried fruit, with time opening up to deeper toffee aromas. Inside the pretty, tactile oval bottle, the liquid is sweet on the tongue, with an assertive, lingering caramel finish and medium body. The flavor is rather one-note, but it's a very pleasing note. Given time, this spirit opens up to more complex flavors, especially on the finish, teasing out a bit of coffee and cigar tobacco.

December 31, 2010