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Offley Tawny Port 10 year old
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Offley Tawny Port 10 year old


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Category Red Wine
Region Portugal, Douro
Brand Offley
Offley 10 Years Old Tawny is a superior quality Porto, a tawny with an indication of age that combines freshness and maturity in an excellent way. This 10 year-old Tawny is one of the category's most attractive references. It has an intense tawny colour with brick-like tones. Its elegant and complex bouquet is characterised by flavours of ripe fruit, marmalade and dry fruit, with notes of vanilla, raisins and jelly. In the mouth, the balance between the richness of the grapes' natural sugars and its tannins provide the wine with a fine structure and a delicate yet complex finish. The intensity of retro-nasal aromas completes the tasting and gives the wine a final persistence typical of Offley brand's unmistakeable style