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Still the One 287 Single Malt Whiskey
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Still the One 287 Single Malt Whiskey

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What to do with those massive old fermenters clogging up space in your brewery? Scott Vaccaro had one dating back to the Captain Lawrence Brewing launch eight years ago, and this week will put the 1,200 gallon vessel to work in a new role: producing a fermented mash that will then be sent across Rte. 287 to Port Chester-where it will be turned into whiskey at the Still the One distillery. The name of the whiskey? Fittingly enough, "287"-a joint venture between Captain Lawrence and Still the One. "We've cleaned it up and got it in place, and we'll fill it this week," says Scott. "We'll make good old, American single-malt whiskey." The two potent potable producers have been partners in the whiskey operation for about a year, and the first fruits of the venture-a whiskey made from distilled Freshchester Pale Ale-will be available for Christmas.