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Citadelle Reserve Gin VNS 750ml
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Citadelle Reserve Gin VNS


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Category Gin
Region France
Brand Citadelle
Alcohol/vol 44%
Not one to rest on his laurels - or rest ever! - Gabriel has a new surprise in store for the 2013 Réserve. Something never before undertaken in gin aging. Gabriel will use the SOLERA aging technique starting with the 2013 edition of Citadelle Réserve. The Solera aging process is most frequently used for sherry, Madeira, Marsala; balsamic vinegars; Spanish brandy; and rums. And while a few companies are barrel-aging gin now, NONE are using the Solera method. Leave it to Gabriel to find a new trick! The Solera aging method used for Citadelle is a very intensive process of putting Citadelle into different type casks for a anywhere from 2 to 5 months and will include American oak cask (to impart a touch of vanilla sweetness) and casks that once held Pineau de Charente (for a full-bodied, flowery roundness) and also Brandy (which imparts elegance). Once the gin has spent some time in casks, a portion of the gin from each cask will be moved into a large vat for blending, and new gin will be added to the remaining gin in the cask. Again, after aging for a specified period, the process of taking some of the aged gin out to be blended and adding new to the casks starts all over again. This is how the Solera process works.

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