Torres Jaime I

It isn't often a bottle that looks this good comes through our door, but we can confidently say that the Torres Jaime is one of the best-looking bottles we have. Jaime I is an extraordinary gem, white wines of the Parellada variety are distilled in copper pot stills according to a traditional method of double distillation. The wine spirits are then aged in casks of the finest American oak. The secret lies in a blend of excellent soleras, chosen from amongst the oldest.

Jaime I is deep, rich and dark amber in color. It displays a concentrated complex bouquet, with marked overtones of coconut, dried fruits, and spices, typical of lengthy aging. Round and lush, it has the smoothness that characterizes great brandies. Jaime I is complex, majestic, with a lingering finish that leaves a velvety imprint on the palate.