Big Delivery Day: New Arrivals

We had a huge delivery day recently of some great whiskey, both new arrivals and items coming back in stock that we love.

Two new rums from Transcontinental Rum Line, a Fiji Rum and a Guadeloupe rum.

Fiji Rum - Fermented from sugarcane molasses, distilled in pot stills and bottled at 48%, this Fiji 2014 expresses exotic fruits, freshness and a high ester profile. This batch spent most of its time aging on the Fijian archipelago and displays aromas of exotic fruits, a great freshness and a high ester profile.

Guadeloupe Rum - Even if Guadeloupe is mostly known for its agricole rum, they also have a great talent in making molasses rum. Produced in Basse-Terre, the largest island of the Guadeloupe archipelago, this rum has aged 3 years locally and then over a year in Europe for a total of 4.5 years of maturation. 43% abv.

Foursquare Empery - This is a 14 year, single blended rum that we have had before and is back in stock.

We got a new offering from a distillery we already have, Sagamore, and two new distilleries in.

Redwood Empire Lost Monarch - Lost Monarch is a blend of straight rye whiskeys and straight bourbon whiskeys aged at least 3 years. Aging in the temperate climate of The Northern California coast allows for a slow and even extraction of flavor, producing a whiskey of exceptional balance and complexity.

Redwood Empire Pipe Dream Bourbon - Pipe dream is meticulously crafted from hand selected barrels aged at least 4 years.

Redwood Empire Emerald Giant Rye - Emerald Giant is crafted from hand selected barrels aged at least 3 years.

Stalk and Barrel Canadian Rye - Handmade, grain to glass, bottled at cask strength.

Sagamore Spirit Cognac Finish Rye - The normal rye, finished in French cognac barrels, revealing notes of velvety spice, apple, vanilla, and brown sugar.

We got some of the good stuff from one of our favorites: Compass Box

No Name - The peatiest whisky yet, even surpassing the Peat Monster. This is just a restock

No Name 2 - Like its original no-namesake, this is malt whisky brimming with heavy peat and smoke character. it’s weighty on the palate, hugely complex and concentrated. In this edition. you’ll find an elegant peaty style with delicate fruit notes reminiscent of red cherries.

The Spaniard - Created for a bar in New York city called The Spaniard, this malt whisky blend was crated with its core whiskies aged in ex-Sherry Casks. This is also a restock

The Circle - This is the first in a new annual program called The Circle. Each year, the world’s best bartenders are invited to join Compass Box as their London blending room and let them create. Each year, a limited edition whisky will commemorate the time spent together. One finalist is chosen to crate a special blend based on their own original idea. This year’s The Circle was Rosey Mitchell, who wanted to invent a sunny Sunday afternoon whisky ideal for sharing.

Two back in stock items from Glengoyne, two new items from Tamdhu.

Tamdhu 12 -

Tamdhu 15 - This is a limited release is bottled unchilfiltered, a magnificent malt for the sherry wood connoisseur.

Glengoyne 12

Glengoyne 15

Two new Five Lions, two new Black Adder, and two back in stocks from Glenmorangie and Single Cask Nation.

Five Lions Aberlour Private Bottling

Five Lions Williamson Private Bottling

Single Cask Nation Stones of Stennes 18

Glenmorangie Allta

Black Adder Royal Brackla

Black Adder The Old Man of Hoy