Saltworks Property Salted Vodka

Introducing Saltworks Property - an innovative blend of super premium vodka and select salt.

Hailing from Boston Brands of Maine, a US distillery with extensive spirits-making experience, we use only the finest grains from the Heartland in each batch. Our seven times distilled vodka is infused with gourmet sea salts - each boasting a distinct character and taste. It's these super premium ingredients combined with our meticulous craftsmanship that adds up to a best-in-class drinking experience that is unrivaled. 

Perfect for a cocktail, served over ice, or with oysters (especially with oysters).


Coveted by the gourmet food world for its flavor and lovely rose-colored hue. This variety of salt delivers a clean, crisp finish.

40% abv | 80 Proof



This proprietary blend of smoked sea salts brings subtle complexity by adding a dimensional and authentic rich, robust smokehouse character. A taste of luxury is delivered as a punch of flavor for savory endeavors.

40% abv | 80 Proof