New Arrivals: Single Cask Nation

New Arrivals today might be the best in a while: Single Cask Nation. Two Ledaig, a 13 and 15 year, as well as Clynelish 23 year old.

Ledaig 13 - Initially quite mineral-like but dark fruits reveal themselves quickly. Delicate smoke and fruitcake invite a sip. Flavors of dried figs and vanilla ice cream come to the fore but the mouthfeel cannot be ignored, nor can the long fruit finish.

Ledaig 15 - Of course it’s peaty and smoky and briny and coastal but there’s also an unmistakable fresh rain note that you don’t find ever day. Do you expect to find rich, dark, steaming compost notes in your Ledaig? Us neither, but that’s the beauty of good independently bottled Ledaig.

Clynelish 23 - The heavier side of Clynelish is presented here with notes of warm figs, date bread, burnt chocolate nibs, and sweet guava paste. The mouthfeel is waxy and unctuous. This whisky presents all the classic sherry matured flavors you hope for in old Clynelish.