New Arrivals-June 8th 2018

We got some great new arrivals in the liquor section this week 

Knob Creek Cask Strength Rye: This rye was aged 9 years, barreled in 2009. It is bottled at 119.6 proof or 59.8%

Crown Royal Texas Mesquite: The newest offering from Crown Royal. This is a blended Canadian Whisky infused with Texas mesquite wood flavors. This special edition uses flavors from locally sourced mesquite wood to impart a unique taste and character that are savory, sweet, and smooth. The rustic and refined notes of smoke, molasses, and wood are truly distinctive, yet familiar. 

Buffalo Trace White Dog: Sweet aroma, with a slight burn. The corn coats the tongue with oil and vanilla. This White Dog, the unaged Buffalo Trace, is always a favorite.

Longrow Red 11 Year, Cabernet Franc Matured: This Longrow Red Single Malt has been matured for nine years in bourbon barrels, followed by two years in french Cabernet Franc from the De Toren Private Cellar in Stellenbosch South Africa. only 9000 bottles, bottled at cask strength.