Painted Stave Distilling Diamond State Bourbon 750ml
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Painted Stave Distilling Diamond State Bourbon

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Our signature High Rye Bourbon pays homage to Delaware's history while connecting it to the state's craft spirits revival. Diamond State Whiskey was the last brand of whiskey produced in Delaware prior to prohibition. It seems fitting that Diamond State Bourbon should become the first legal bourbon produced in the state.  It balances the sweetness of corn with the spiciness of rye for a robust take on the classic American spirit.  All of our bourbon is aged for at least two years in heavily charred white oak barrels to impart an extra kick of oak flavors of vanilla, toffee and spice. No chill filtration needed, this whiskey makes a mean old fashioned, a fine addition to a large ice cube, and a mint julep that will make anyone a southern gentleman.

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