McClintock Distilling Matchstick Bourbon 750ml
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McClintock Distilling Matchstick Bourbon


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The Matchstick Straight bourbon is a Maryland twist on a Kentucky classic. With a mashbill of organic non-gmo grains that are stone-milled in house this bourbon is bursting with flavor but finishes impossibly smooth. This wheated, rye finished Bourbon is less sweet than your traditional bourbon with a buttery mouthfeel that you can enjoy neat, on ice or in your favorite cocktail.

Tasting Notes
Honey and figs explode off the nosing and open up with a bit of water to reveal vanilla, caramel and butterscotch. Bold tobacco and charcoal on the front end of the palate with a continuation of the vanilla and caramel through the body. Impossibly clean finish with a light hint of butterscotch that slightly lingers.

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