Old Barrel Cognac Cask Vodka 750ml
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Old Barrel Cognac Cask Vodka


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Category Vodka
Origin France
Brand Old Barrel

Old Barrel is a trully unique Spirit. Premium French Vodka, aged in Old Cognac barrels. If you like smooth whisky and think that regular vodka is uninspiring - you will love Old Barrel. It has the rich bouqet of Cognac, wonderfull flavors of toast, quince and buttery finish of a fine Whisky. At the very end, the Vodka reaches out and leaves a small calling card on your pallet.

Old barrel would be a great Whisky substitute in most cocktais but it would be a shame to dilute this unusual spirit. Please use whisky rocks or other non melting means to chill. Unlike traditional Vodka, Old Barrel does not need benefit from exessive chilling.

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