Concord Foods Lime Juice 4 oz.
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Concord Foods Lime Juice

4 oz.

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Like its cousin, the lemon, lime juice is a key cooking ingredient. Lime juice is known for its floral scent and the zest it brings to cooking. In certain regions, such as Thailand and Vietnam, lime juice is extremely common for cooking and lime juice is a staple in any well stocked bar. If you're a creative cook or enjoy entertaining, Concord Foods makes it easy for you to be ready to create your next meal with easy to store and ready to use Concord Foods Italia Garden Lime Juice or Concord Foods Reconstituted Lime Juice. If you are substituting Concord Foods Lime Juice for a recipe which calls for fresh limes, keep in mind that just two tablespoons of Concord Foods Lime Juice equals the juice of 1 medium lime.

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