Blackadder The Legendary 20 year old 750ml
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Blackadder The Legendary 20 year old


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Long, long ago, in days since hidden by the swirling mists of time, the trusted sword of Blackadder went forth and vanquished the dark forces of evil and justly ruled over the lands of Northern Scotia. This whisky is specially selected and bottled in Scotland by Blackadder International.

In the 20 - 29 year old range we find exceptionally aged Scotch Whiskies based on the RAW CASK philosophy. The Cask is King! Bottled from single casks, no chilling, no heavy filtering and never, ever any caramel coloring or flavoring added. Never! And many have been lucky enough to discover barrel char in their bottles!

This rare Single Malt Scotch Whisky was bottled without chill-filtration or any added colour. A Glass Revolution Inspired Spirit Selection USA Exclusive.

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