American Brick Spirits Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml
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American Brick Spirits Straight Bourbon Whiskey


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Category Bourbon
Origin United States, New York
Brand American Brick Spirits
Alcohol/vol 46%
Proof 92.00
The brand's character is most strongly represented by its four-grain mash bill dating back to the late 19th Century. The perfect mix of of 60% corn, 9% rye, 20% wheat, and 11% malted barley gives the bourbon a worthy complexity with exquisite balance. The taste is enhanced by water from a limestone aquifer deep beneath the family property. Fashionably aged in freshly charred oak barrels in the dynamic climate of New York State, and bottled at 92 proof, American Brick Bourbon is the essence of American craft. Tasting Notes: A nose of charred oak and leather balanced with candied orange and butterscotch. On the palate, oak and dark cherry forefront, followed by vanilla, baking spices, and a hint of créme brûlée. On the finish, lasting notes of vanilla and leather.

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